Welcome to Cactus Hill. This is our family website, and it covers a lot of ground. We hope you will enjoy your visit. Please select from the links below.

Family album
The people and critters of Cactus Hill—who, what, and where we are
"New" paintings added in 2013
Art Gallery
The works of
Robert Long
My Mother's Work
The works of
Anne Edwards Long
Take our latest virtual vacation.

Travels with Ed and Chris
Travel photos from our vacations
Emilie's Place
Daughter Emilie and
her beautiful family
Annie's Place
Devoted to our angel

Annie's Team for SafePlace
Fabulous Photos
Just plain good photos
Chris's Kitchen
Recipes, tips, and deep thoughts
Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles of
Cactus Hill Photos
Life on the Farm
A nostalgia trip to 1947 Pennsylvania
Guest Artists
The work of talented friends
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